The Wisconsin STATE PATROL is the lead agency for the BADGER TraCS Program. Wisconsin law enforcement agencies began using the “Badger TraCS” suite of forms in June of 2005. as of 2019, 550 plus (nearly all) Wisconsin state, county, local, and tribal law Enforcement agencies use TraCS. The widespread adoption of the software has allowed Wisconsin to move to a single electronic form for 100% of all law enforcement crash reports and 100% of all law enforcement pursuit reports. TraCS user agencies have seen a host of benefits to include reports of a 30% decrease in citation completion and processing time. In addition, the state’s courts, district attorney’s offices, data analysts, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Natural Resources have all realized significant benefits from the electronic transmission of data that TraCS make possible.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is the lead agency and host for the MACH program with joint funding provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. MACH users within Wisconsin include over 180 state, county, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, Wisconsin Emergency Management and the Wisconsin National Guard. The 4,300 plus MACH users benefit from all of the regular features of the software as well as the ability for credentialed users to securely query state and NCIC data and photos through MACH.

  • LEAD AGENCY: Wisconsin State Patrol
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Internal Staff
  • TRACS SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: TraCS has been adopted by over 550 state, county, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin. There are over 10,000 law enforcement personnel using TraCS in Wisconsin. Agencies have 20 different forms available in TraCS. Since 2017, 100% of all Crash forms submitted by law enforcement have been completed using TraCS. Since 2018, 100% of all Pursuit forms submitted by law enforcement have been completed using TraCS. Currently, 98% of all Wisconsin traffic citations are submitted electronically through TraCS. In Wisconsin, law enforcement agencies have the option of setting up TraCS in a network, single computer, or web services environment with mobile computers connected in all environments.  In 2020, the Wisconsin State Patrol set up a hosted TraCS environment to provide fellow TraCS user agencies with the option to have their data hosted and to access TraCS through this environment. This option has proven to significantly reduce the TraCS support overhead for the hosted agencies and has nearly 250 agencies preparing to be migrated to the hosted environment.
  • MACH SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: MACH has been adopted by over 180 state, county, local and tribal public safety agencies across Wisconsin. There are over 4,300 public safety users of MACH in Wisconsin. MACH serves as the computer aided dispatch (CAD) for both the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Traffic incident information within MACH CAD is shared in near real-time through an automated process with Wisconsin’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) to feed the Wisconsin’s 511 traveler information system. (
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: Wisconsin will continue to add to and refine the Badger TraCS suite of forms to best suit the needs of law enforcement. The Badger TraCS Unit is also working to complete the implementation of the TraCS Records Management System (RMS) functionality. Demand for the MACH software has remained high within the Wisconsin public safety community. The Wisconsin State Patrol continues to evaluate its options for meeting continuing demands to bring new agencies and additional users onto MACH.
  • LAST UPDATED: 2021/08
TraCS Use

Wisconsin currently has 20 forms in TraCS including:

  • Alcohol Incident
  • Arrest
  • Attachment
  • Call for Service
  • Case Summary
  • Citizen Contact
  • Contact Summary
  • Crash (includes Fatal Supplement)
  • DNR Crash
  • Driver Condition and Behavior
  • Drug and Alcohol Influence
  • Equipment
  • Evidence
  • Incident Based Report
  • Inspection
  • Natural Resources Citation
  • Non-Traffic Citation
  • Pursuit
  • Task
  • Uniform Traffic Citation
  • Use of Force and Arrest Related Death
  • Vehicle Killed Wild Animal Permit
  • Warning

ADDITIONAL FORM DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Wisconsin plans to develop the following forms in the near future:

  • Motor Vehicle Inspection (VSIS - Aspen Replacement)

MACH software is currently used in patrol vehicles of all types, support vehicles, marine units, airplanes, and in mobile command posts. MACH is also used by dispatchers in communication centers and by public safety support and command staff in office locations and in emergency operations centers.

MACH continues to serve as the computer aided dispatch (CAD) software for both the Wisconsin State Patrol and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Wisconsin has continued to add to the available static map layers and dynamic map markers in MACH to continue to meet the needs of the public safety community. A catalog of currently available MACH map markers along with instructions for their use is available at:

MACH has proven to be an invaluable tool for use in high profile events and for unplanned significant incidents. A summary of the use of MACH during several recent incidents/events is available at:

ADDITIONAL MACH DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Wisconsin is in the process of bringing freeway service vehicles (dedicated tow/service trucks assigned to service high traffic areas) onto MACH to provide them with CAD functionality and to enable law enforcement and dispatchers to monitor their locations.

Darlene Schwartz
TraCS Program Manager
608 440 7627
David Harvey
MACH Coordinator
608 709 0073