TraCS has been operational in a production environment for Illinois State Police since March of 2015 with rollout of Crash and Vehicle Inspection forms. Once these forms stabilized, Illinois State Police set off on an aggressive schedule to add additional patrol forms, a new investigative case management system and an intelligence component within TraCS. TraCS has been well received in the field, providing an easy-to-use standard process for the collection of data and streamlined operations.

  • LEAD AGENCY: Illinois State Police
  • PROGRAM SUPPORTED BY: Illinois State Police, Information Services Bureau
  • TRACS SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT: Illinois State Police Patrol Districts, Investigative Zones, and Intelligence Bureau
  • FUTURE DEPLOYMENT PLANS: Illinois State Police is currently investigating alternatives for TraCS deployment to other law enforcement agencies in Illinois.
  • LAST UPDATED: 2021/08
TraCS Use

Forms being used by Illinois include:

  • Illinois Department of Transportation SR-1050 Crash
  • Comercial Motor Vehicle Inspection - VSIS (Aspen replacement)
  • Tow In
  • Pedestrian Stop Card
  • Traffic Stop Card
  • Written Warning
  • Citation
  • Civil Law Citation
  • Field Report
  • Domestic Violence
  • Alcohol/Drug Influence
  • Post Pursuit
  • Universal Addendum
  • Non-Consensual Blood Draw
  • Arrest Synopsis
  • Gang Card/Field Interview Card (Pilot only)
  • Investigative: Case Initiation
  • Investigative: Evidence Expenditure
  • Investigative: Lead Sheet

ADDITIONAL FORM DEVELOPMENT PLANS: Implementation of Intelligence forms; Interface with courts to transmit citation data; Overweight Citation; Statistical summary, strategic planning and operational reporting; Migration of legacy system data; Integration with Evidence Management System; Expanded vehicle and driver import capabilities.


Illinois has kicked off a project to implement MACH for the AVL, messaging, and CAD functionality.

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Program Manager
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